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Comic Talk

CGS: Episode 944 (October 18, 2010)

Final thoughts on New York Comic Con! A new contest begins! Discussion on DC and Marvel's announcements on dropping comic book cover prices! Super Show 2011 updates and giveaways! And more! (1:29:00)

Great Allentown Comic Con, October 30th.

(07:49) CON TALK
It's our final thoughts on NYCC '10: on the layout, attendance, the costuming, the awesomeness of Rock Comic Con, listeners met and more.

Sponsored by the Anthology Project; submitted by Chris Beckett.

(49:31) PROMO
For the Wonder Woman Day V Comic Fusion charity event October 23rd & 24th.

(50:46) SUPER SHOW 2011
New guest announcements and we give away the first prizes in our Early Bird Ticket Contest.

(54:44) CONTEST
We need a new convention T-Shirt for our 2011 Con Tour! Listen in for the details on this new contest running until November 30th.

(59:15) COMIC TALK
Both DC and Marvel made very different announcements this weekend on dropping $3.99 titles to $2.99 in 2011. What do we think? We give some shoutouts. Learn how you can get a discount coupon for back issues and graphic novels at Fearless Readers Online. And get involved in the next Comics Podcast Theme Event Week!