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NYCC '10 Tapes vol.4

CGS: Episode 943 (October 14, 2010)

It's the final day at NYCC '10! We wrap up the show chatting with the creators of Tribes: the Dog Years from IDW, artist Rich Koslowski and JD Arnold of BB Wolf & the Three LPs from Top Shelf, FUBAR's Jeff McComsey and more. (1:10:58)

Allentown Comic Con

The final day from the floor of New York Comic Con 2010:

(05:20) Pre-show conversation from the floor.

(10:23) Writer Michael Geszel and artist Inaki Miranda of Tribes: the Dog Years.

(20:28) Artist Rich Koslowski and author JD Arnold of BB Wolf and the Three L.P.s from Top Shelf.

(28:28) Author James Mascia of the young adult super-hero novel High School Heroes.

(33:31) Longtime listener TiTo na Rua talks about his graffiti inspired Street Comics.

(42:23) Pants' friend Chris gives the lowdown on the other side of the con containting the publishers and vendors.

(51:04) Jon Bernier of the Angry Penguin webcomic.

(57:09) Jeff McComsey of the FUBAR anthology.

(1:03:41) Con wrap-up.