Podcast Title

NYCC '10 Tapes vol.3

CGS: Episode 942 (October 13, 2010)

Part two of the super-busy Saturday at NYCC. In this episode are interviews with Delve Into Fantasy's Del Borovic, Thom Zahler of Love and Capes, and more including a visit by Andy Ihnatko co-host of MacBreak Weekly. (54:12)

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Day Two part two from the floor of New York Comic Con 2010:

(02:33) Shane gives the lowdown on news from DC Comics.

(07:33) Jeff Marsick and Jonathan Burkhardt of Wendover.

(12:23) Andy Ihnatko of MacBreak Weekly.

(16:20) Hamza Pecenkovic of Murder Machine.

(22:43) Thom Zahler of Love and Capes.

(34:01) More chat about the convention from the Geeks.

(38:52) Del Borovic of Delve Into Fantasy.

(45:27) The Geeks close out Saturday.