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CGS: Episode 924 (September 15, 2010)

Longtime listener and fellow podcaster Paul French joins in on the fun of looking through the September Previews. We then talk with writer Jim McCann and artist Janet K. Lee to learn about their new Archaia original graphic novel Return of the Dapper Men. (1:47:37)

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(09:32) PREVIEWS
Paul French, of the Poptopia and Legion of Substitute Podcasters podcasts, joins us to look at the September Previews for books shipping mostly in November:

(09:50) Marvel
(35:22) Dark Horse
(41:39) DC
(1:01:25) IDW
(1:09:19) Other publishers including Fantagraphics, Top Shelf, Image, Kickstart, AdHouse Books, Alterna, and more.

Writer Jim McCann and artist Janet K. Lee discuss Return of the Dapper Men, their upcoming collaboration from Archaia.