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Spotlight on Captain America

CGS: Episode 88 (December 26, 2005)

It's winter, so what better time to discuss the most famous man ever frozen in ice. He's Captain America. We take a hard look at Cap and his comics career. (1:35:46)

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(00:41) Sponsor
Drawer Boxes

(01:41) Movie Talk
Bryan and Tasha give a little mini-review on Elektra.

(04:32) Top Five
Kevin gives his rundown on his Top Five Female supercharacters.

(09:17) Quarters in the Jar
Listener emails from Tim Brown on our Graphic Novels discussion; Alan in Orlando about his experience with comic shop pull-lists; an audio email from Wayne Cordova of the Geek Pastor Podcast leads us into yet another look at the "writing for the trade" debate.

(31:15) Comic News
Bryan comments on a recent Comics Buyer's Guide article with Dan DiDio on DC's current comic plans.

(34:37) Spotlight On
Captain America the Sentinel of Liberty.

(1:04:38) Stump the Rios
Audio submission from Scott, Ty and Brad of the View From the Cheap Seats Podcast.

(1:09:33) Call Me
We talk to Ryan Sorenson and Abby in Portland, OR.

(1:18:56) Off the Rack
Our reviews on Y the Last Man: Girl on Girl tpb, Green Lantern: Rebirth HC, the King from Top Shelf, New Avengers "Ronin" arc and X-Men: Deadly Genesis.

(1:29:42) Voice Mail
from Gus Travis from Tuscan, AZ. asking us which underused characters deserves a resurgence.

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