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It's Superman! with author Tom De Haven

CGS: Episode 86 (December 19, 2005)

Look! Up in the Sky! It's a bird, it's a plane....! We sat down and had a nice long chat with Tom De Haven, author of the new novel, It's Superman!. (1:36:43)

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(00:37) Sponsor
E.Gerber Products.

(02:53) Interview
With Tom DeHaven, author of It's Superman!.

(03:42) On when Tom started reading comics, current comic reads and
being approached for this novel.
(09:44) On researching the 1930s, Superman as a product of that time
and the novel's human portrayal of Clark Kent.
(21:35) On bringing the end of the novel up to Action Comics #1, how
this novel ties closely to the Golden Age Superman of comics
and bringing the setting and supporting characters to life.
(30:42) On reader reaction, a possible sequel and writing a comic book
character for a novel.
(39:44) On the novel's chapter captions, the roughness of the Golden
Age heroes and how comics are received in academic circles.
(50:55) On where to purchase the novel, comic strips and other projects.
(56:25) Our post-interview wrap-up.

(1:01:40) Quarters in the Jar
Star Wars postcard from Tom Martinek and reactions to Episode 83 from Ben Welden, Hook and Bob Bretall.

(1:12:59) Stump the Rios
Audio submission from Michael David Sims.

(1:19:33) Marvel Events
We take a look at Contest of Champions ('82).

(1:32:26) Call Me
We try contacting Lennon Patton in Oklahoma.

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