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Mysterious Mysteries of Unfathomable Mystery

CGS: Episode 84 (December 14, 2005)

Los Comic Geekos are back! They present Mysterious Mysteries of Unfathomable Mystery. (1:30:58)

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Pixel Strips

(05:35) Quarters in the Jar
Alan Laiek sends us our first Christmas Card; postcards from Alan Irwin of Madagascar, Bob in California and Mick from China; and Mike Pampanella.

(13:45) Comics Talk
An email from Michael David Sims asks us which single comic is our favorite of all time.

(20:09) Manga
Sign up at Tokyopop for a free magazine. Thanks to Hannah in L.A. for the head's up.

(27:07) Podcast Crossover
Los Comics Geekos asks us to talk about certain comic book/science fiction facts that we can't explain in their segment called "Mysterious Unresolved Mysteries of Mystery".

(54:30) Geek of the Day
Forum members ManEating Tarp, CitizenDave and Tomkaters send us a recording of the first ever Chicago Splinter Cell CGS Meet-Up giving their reviews on Rex Libris and Fear Agent.

(1:02:10) Call Me
We talk to Jason "Frank Castle" Palmer in Seattle Washington.

(1:09:22) Stump the Rios
Submitted by Mike Lewis.

(1:15:17) World of Toys
Wallace and Gromit figures and Marvel Legends Series 11.

(1:20:27) Voice Mail
Jackson Murdock comments on Episode 20; Ed Moore on the DC vs Marvel debate; and we're serenaded with the Numa Numa song.

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Episode 84