Podcast Title

Conversation with Gene Colan

CGS: Episode 82 (December 8, 2005)

Some people were born to draw comics. Gene Colan was one of those people. We were fortunate enough to be able to talk with Gene about his life in comics. If you haven't yet discovered the joy that is Gene's artwork, do yourself a favor and listen in and then run out and buy every comic you can find with his name on it. (1:34:57)

(00:45) Sponsor
Drawer Boxes.

(01:41) Interview
With comic legend, artist Gene Colan.

(02:26) On reading comic strips as a child, how Gene decided to
become an artist and meeting Stan Lee
(10:17) On developing as an artist, working in genres other than
superheroes and Gene's artistic inspiration from movies.
(19:30) On his time at Marvel, thoughts on current artists and "Adam
(28:37) On Tomb of Dracula, a fun anecdote and working with various
(38:56) Responding to those few artists who criticize Gene's work and
attracting new fans today.
(44:39) On Gene's favorite creators, wanting to work on westerns and
his favorite artists including Jack Kirby.
(54:40) Gene turns the tables and asks us questions.
(57:38) On his website and commissions.
(1:02:58) Our post-interview wrap-up and a list of Gene Colan's work.

(1:07:42) Stump the Rios
Submitted by unknown.

(1:12:50) Indie Challenge
We talk with David Siedman, Marketing Director for Claypool Comics, about the recent news that Diamond may drop their line from Previews.

(1:28:27) Voice Mail
from Jackson Murdock.

(1:31:27) Comics Talk
Jamie gives his theory on the current Marvel events.

Secrets in the Shadows: the Art & Life of Gene Colan from TwoMorrows Publishing