Podcast Title

Spotlight on JSA

CGS: Episode 81 (December 5, 2005)

The JSA just might be the greatest superhero team ever. What's your opinion? Join us for a discussion about the first super team and what it means for the industry. (1:35:06)

(00:30) Sponsor
New York Comic Con 2006

(03:47) Comics Podcast Network
Jamie was a guest on Comics Podcast Crossover #4 along with Bruce Rosenberger, Bill Jourdain and Aaron Macom.

(04:53) Quarters in the Jar
Listener emails from Chris in St. Louis, Missouri; an unknown listener in Australia; Ryan S. in Athens, Ga.

(16:30) Previews
A look at the December solicitations for books shipping in February.

(42:25) Geek of the Day
Chris from the Collected Comics Library Podcast talks about DC's Showcase line.

(48:45) Spotlight On
The Justice Society of America, the first super-hero team in comics.

(1:12:04) Stump the Rios
Video submission by Rick "maximglory" Gordon.

(1:17:05) Voice Mail
from ex-President "Willie C."

(1:18:25) Call Me
We talk to Chuck Forsman and Erica in PA.

(1:28:34) Important Comic Dates
for December.

Old Forum Feedback
On December Previews.
The Video Stump the Rios.

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