Podcast Title

The C2E2 Tapes Volume 1

CGS: Episode 827 (April 17, 2010)

C2E2 is here! Pants and Peter present day one of interviews, chatting with friends and more from the show floor. (1:42:40)

Presenting the first few days leading up to as well as including Day One of C2E2.

(01:13) Pants and friend Chris chat from Wrigley Field.

(12:00) Peter and Mr. Phil join Pants and Chris for a quick chat the night before Day One.

(22:16) Day One begins! We chat from the booth and get a visit from Tribes: the Dog Years as well as the crew from Discount Comic Book Service who give us more info on the upcoming Summit City Comic Con.

(31:04) Brent Schoonover talks about his upcoming writing and art gig on Vincent Price Presents (Blue Water) with inker Stacie Ponder.

(36:07) From the Image booth, Jason Howard and Ryan Ottley talk about their upcoming Sea Bear & Grizzly Shark one-shot.

(42:02) A slew of Canadian art college graduates present the beautiful the Anthology Project.

(53:00) Fred Van Lente and Ryan Dunlavey chat about their Evil Twin Comics and Marvel work.

(1:01:07) Chatting with Mighty Avengers inker Craig Yeung, Hasbro packaging color artist Lisa Lubera and fantastic artist Sara Richard.

(1:14:28) Chatting with Jason Wood and Mr. Phil.

(1:17:29) Brian Miller's How I Became a Super-Villain dares to enter the minds of the best comic book villains.

(1:23:29) Chatting with Rafael Nieves and Dan Dougherty about the Apocalypse Plan.

(1:35:51) Day One comes to a close as we list off our traditional listener shout outs!