Podcast Title

Looking Ahead to C2E2

CGS: Episode 822 (April 12, 2010)

The comic event that everyone has been talking about is almost upon us. Join the fun in Chicago this weekend for C2E2. We talk to Peter Tatara of Reed, Chris Burnham and Jason Howard to get their thoughts! (1:32:32)


(01:36) CON TALK
C2E2 is this weekend and we're excited for the possibilities! To talk up the buzz we chat with:

(01:54) Peter Tatara of Reed Exhibitions.
(32:25) Chris Burnham talks about working on Boom's Amory Wars, body modification, Officer Down with Joe Casey, exhibiting at conventions, the books he's reading, voicing Cobra Commander and more.
(1:01:20) Jason Howard talks about the end of Astounding Wolf-Man, the upcoming "Sea Bear & Grizzly Shark" oneshot with Ryan Ottley, listening to CGS, drawing digitally and more.

(1:29:10) CONTESTS
The winner of the Comics Crusades Trivia Game is announced; and one winner is announced for the free pass to ColossalCon9. One more pass to give away this week!