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Fan Expo with Tiziano DeSantis & Uncle Sal

CGS: Episode 669 (August 6, 2009)

Fan Expo is coming soon and here to talk about it with us is event coordinator Tiziano DeSantis and Uncle Sal! (2:06:24)

(02:43) CON TALK
Tiziano DeSantis talks to us all about the upcoming Fan Expo in Toronto, Canada August 28-30. Hear the con's history, newly confirmed guests, sketch duels, attending publishers and more.

Sal Abbinanti joins in on the Fan Expo conversation with his usual flair and fun to talk about what to do in Toronto, the guests, cosplay, Tony Curtis, San Diego, a rant about the Eisners and a funny story about Lucca with appearances by Madam Hydra, MODOK, Joyce Dewitt and a carp.