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Comics by ComiXology

CGS: Episode 668 (August 5, 2009)

Comixology CEO, David Steinberger, joins us to talk about Comixology's new iPhone/iPod Touch app for buying/reading comics. Digital, mobile comics have arrived in force! (1:17:36)

(03:15) CGS NEWS
Our friends at Wild Pig Comics are having a Summer Back Issue Sale starting August 5th!

David Steinberger joins us from ComiXology to talk about their newest venture, the Comics by ComiXology app for iTunes and the iTouch. The digital age of comics is definitely upon us and we discuss this new way to read comics including working with Apple, price point, working with publishers and retailers, format and user-testing, submissions, social and marketing aspects and more.

(1:13:22) VOICEMAIL
From Josh Finney on a Captain America tale.