Podcast Title

Conversation with Erik Larsen

CGS: Episode 66 (October 13, 2005)

He came to everyone's attention drawing Amazing Spider-Man. He moved on to be a founding member of Image Comics. Now he's the guy in charge as Publisher. He's Erik Larsen. Just recently he wrote an open letter to the comics industry challenging creators to be just that, creative. In a jovial interview with the man behind Savage Dragon, we learn his history and his explanation of the controversial letter. Join us, and find out where he's really coming from. (1:34:30)

(00:34) Interview
With Image Publisher, Erik Larsen.

(03:37) On early comics he read, drawing as a kid and what it means to
be Publisher.
(11:11) On his earliest published work, a response to the backlash the
Image founders received and how Erik holds his pencil.
(19:53) On Erik's controversial "Is that all you've got?" article.
(35:14) Erik's thoughts on slabbing books and how to expand the
(45:38) On how to pitch for Image and how to get comics into the public
(58:03) On Erik's look at the Image line, She-Dragon and the wrap-up.
(1:07:43) Our post-interview wrap-up.

(1:22:05) Comic Movie News
Another segment hosted by Tom Martinek kicking off a discussion about the possibility of Venom in Spider-Man III.