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Talking with Alex Robinson

CGS: Episode 535 (October 28, 2008)

He just recently released his new graphic novel Too Cool To Be Forgotten and it deserves some attention. Creator Alex Robinson joins us to talk about his new book and his career. (1:23:28)

Cartoonist Alex Robinson joins us for a fun conversation on getting into comics, the great Mike Dawson/Josh Cotter/Alex Robinson rivalry, high school friends and reunions, Too Cool to be Forgotten, his process when working on a project, working with Top Shelf, the ever-changing alternative/independent comics scene, art vs story, adapting Frank Baum's A Kidnapped Santa Claus, poker, gaming miniatures and more.

(1:10:47) STUMP THE RIOS
Submitted by Mark "Hellsfire" Johnson.

(1:13:46) REMINDER
For the Wild Pig Comics 50% off Sale!.

(1:15:36) VOICE MAIL
Punkaj talks Phillies, comic adaptations of movies/novels, Final Crisis and more.

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