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Spotlight on Superman in the Byrne/Jurgens Years

CGS: Episode 530 (October 20, 2008)

The crew assembles, and with the help of listener and Superman fan Joe Sergi, discusses post-Crisis Superman. There's much to go over, so let's get right to it. (1:20:27)

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Superman in the Byrne/Jurgens Years from 1986 through 1999. Our spotlights celebrate the 70th Anniversary of Superman in comics and beyond. Joining us is listener and Superman fan Joe "Justice" Sergi. This first segment updates the ongoing Siegel Family ownership trial, the Byrne reboot and its effects on the DC Universe, rebuilding the mythos for a new generation, Byrne's artwork in DC Comics, the World of Krypton/Smallville/Metropolis mini-series and more.

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For Mercury and the Murd from PKD Media starring CGS' own Adam Murdough!

A second segment on the Dan Jurgens years, the explosion of the Superman mythos, various Superman events including the Death of Superman, the wedding of Lois and Clark and more. For previous spotlights, check out our episodes on Superman in the Golden Age (Ep.379), the Silver Age (Ep.423), the Bronze Age (Ep.470), Other Media (Ep.506) and on the Superman Trial (Ep.411).

Resolution Comics presents From Here to There anthology by CGS listeners Scott Benecia, Joe Sergi and more.

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