Podcast Title

Pittsburgh Interviews

CGS: Special (May 3, 2007)

Peter was a busy geek in Pittsburgh. He conducted a whole slew of interviews with a bunch of indy creators. There's gold in there baby!

- Intro with Bryan, Jamie & Adam.
- Hanging out on the Pittsburgh Comicon floor.
- Dirk Manning & Joshua Ross of Nightmare World.
- Jason Martin of SuperReal.
- Rich Bernatovich of Sentinels.
- Eric Adams of Lackluster World.
- Shawn & Stephanie Gabborin of Angry Gnome Comics.
- Erica Hesse of the Key.
- Danielle Corsetto of Girls with Slingshots.
- Stuart Sayger of Bionicle and Shiver in the Dark.
- Mike Imboden of Digital Webbing's Fist of Justice.
- Bruce Rosenberger of the KomicsKast podcast.
- Dirk I. Tiede of Paradigm Shift.
- Filip Sablik, VP/Marketing & Sales of Top Cow.
- Brian Glass of Magician's Apprentice & Michael Avon Oeming of
Omega Flight.
- Josh Blaylock of Devil's Due & Pullbox Online.