Podcast Title

Conversation with Denny O'Neil

CGS: Episode 62 (October 3, 2005)

Our interview with comic legend, Denny O'Neil. (1:25:44)

(01:13) Interview
With industry legend Denny O'Neil.

(01:23) On when Denny first read comics.
(04:22) The great "Ra's al Ghul" pronunciation debate.
(06:05) On his early Justice League of America run, his urge to include
continuity throughout his titles, and how Phil Seuling changed
(15:41) A fun anecdote about the business.
(20:19) On writing for comics vs writing for novels, his time on the
Question and his thoughts on Batman Begins.
(26:55) On what it means to be a comics editor.
(33:20) On his favorite artists, losing 60 pages of original Neal Adams
artwork and his current reading pile.
(36:53) On those stories Denny would want to be remembered by.
(45:02) On Azrael and how the character was saved because of Denny's
near death experience.
(50:39) On his time at Marvel.
(54:37) The wrap-up and a quick nod to Denny's "From the Den"
lettercolumn editorials.
(59:38) Our post-interview wrap-up.

(1:05:38) Special Event
Bryan talks about his MS150 Bicycle race.

(1:10:24) Comic News
Baltimore Comic-Con attendence numbers; Leo McGovern in New Orleans lost his entire comic collection to Katrina.

(1:13:36) Stump the Rios
Submitted by Al Sparrow.

(1:17:56) Quarters in the Jar
John Williams sends Bryan the first two Battle Royale manga volumes.

(1:18:50) Stump the Audience #4
Congratulations to Dennis Pu for winning this round!

(1:19:54) CGS Countdown to Infinite Crisis
On Final Night ('96).