As we prep our upcoming Thanksgiving feasts here in the US, feast on over two hours of Comic Talk! Peter, Bryan, Shane, Pants and Kevin go through a bevy of topics including Weather Geek Speak; Alpha Flight and Fantastic Four by John Byrne; Comic stores in and around Reading, PA.; meeting Jim Shooter; Alan Moore's Swamp Thing; Kevin O'Neill; Who will be the comic book greats of the future?; Carlos Pacheco; Kevin Conroy; Byrne's She-Hulk 1; the Epic Comics line; Alfred Hitchcock Presents: "Lamb to the Slaughter"; DC Comics in the early 2000s; What year would be your new Golden Age?; DCUI Ultra tier; even more Star Wars Andor talk; Apple TV recommendations; and more! (2:35:05)

Maybe Just Go Watch Andor Instead?

CGS: Episode 1875 (November 24, 2022)

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