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BOMC: Daredevil: Born Again

CGS: Episode 1744 (July 18, 2019)

It was the worst of times for Daredevil; it was the best of times for his readers! It was 1986, and comics auteur Frank Miller was making his second pass at writing Marvel's Daredevil series, accompanied this time by master draftsman David Mazzucchelli as artist. What Miller accomplished over seven revolutionary issues (Daredevil #227-233), collectively titled 'Born Again,' was the total decimation of Matt Murdock's life and Murdock's subsequent triumphant resurgence, in a masterful tale steeped in hardboiled crime fiction and Christian allegory. Join our CGS literary circle (including Doctors of Daredevology Chris Eberle and Kevin Moyer) in an examination of this deft deconstruction and reconstruction of one of Marvel's iconic characters. (2:30:22)