Podcast Title

The Walking Dead

CGS: Book of the Month Club (August 25, 2005)

Thanks to strong listener support, our third Book of the Month Club episode is on Robert Kirkman & Tony Moore's The Walking Dead volume 1. Zombie books are taking comics by storm, but could this story be leading the pack? We introduce our friend Jon, a major zombie fan, to help us disect the first volume. (1:25:16)

(01:10) Getting to Know Us
Introducing our comic geek friend Jon.

(03:25) Our initial reactions to the listener's suggestion of Walking Dead
and zombie comics.
(10:00) Is Shane an asshole?
(16:04) On zombie movies.
(20:34) A quick synopsis and the "Is Shane an asshole" debate
(30:13) On the trade design, Tony Moore's art and zombie lore.
(38:36) Email feedback from Chris Neesemen, Kirkman's handling of
the zombies and speculation on what caused the plague.
(46:32) Audio comment from Ryan Haines in Grand Rapids, MI.
(53:16) On our favorite moments.
(1:02:45) Audio comment by Jarret Green and Nicole from Cape Gerado,
(1:19:00) Recommendations for other comics by Robert Kirkman.
(1:22:09) Next month's selection: Vertigo's Fables vol.1: Legends in
Exile by Bill Willingham.