Podcast Title

Spotlight on The X-Men in the Chromium Age, Part One

CGS: Episode 1442 (December 3, 2013)

Our 50th Anniversary X-travaganza continues, as the CGS 'Blue Team' (Chris Eberle, Dani O'Brien, and Jamie Hatton) journeys from Jersey to join the CGS 'Gold Team' (Shane, Murd, and Jamie D) in discussing a most prolific period of X-history: the 1990s! Covered in this episode are the introduction of Bishop; the transformation of Psylocke; the launch of the millions-selling 'X-Men' (vol. 2) title; the 'X-Tinction Agenda,' 'X-Cutioner's Song,' and 'Fatal Attractions' crossovers; and much more. (2:32:04)