Podcast Title

Story Time with Uncle Sal

CGS: Episode 126 (April 13, 2006)

Convention stories with Uncle Sal! Atomika creator Sal Abbinanti returns to share with us some recent con stories. You don't want to miss this. (1:07:42)

(00:49) Sponsor
Pittsburgh Comicon.

(07:13) Con Talk
Uncle Sal joins us to talk about his adventures at New York Comic Con, Emerald Con, Atomika, food poisoning, survival tips for San Diego Comic Con, Alex Ross and more.

(49:45) Stump the Rios
Submitted by Brian Seals.

(52:45) Off the Rack
Our reviews on Drax: the Destroyer tpb, Blue Beetle #1 and Sgt. Rock: the Prophecy #2.

(1:01:09) Voice Mails
"What Would I Do Without Comic Geek Speak?" sung by Mario; from Iacon; and a challenge from Kevin of theScout.net Podcast.