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NYCC '10 Tapes vol.2

CGS: Episode 941 (October 12, 2010)

It's Day Two of NYCC, so that means more interviews about comics and webcomics as well as a chat with some of the design team of City of Heroes: Going Rogue, comic retail talk with Christina Merkler from DCBS and more! (1:06:03)

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Day Two from the floor of New York Comic Con 2010:

(01:49) Some brief chat as the doors open on Day Two.

(05:42) Matt McElroy on DriveThruComics.com, the First Download Comic Shop.

(12:57) Co-creators Jeff Marsick and Kirk Manley on Z-Girl and the 4 Tigers.

(19:24) Jay Rosario on Dragonstorm.

(24:27) DCBS's very own Christina Merkler.

(39:28) Andrew Zar of Dark Brain webcomics.

(47:25) David Nakayama, Jesse Caceres and Melissa "War Witch" Bianco of the City of Heroes: Going Rogue MMORPG.

(1:00:42) Publisher Rick Silva of Dandelion Studios.

(1:04:48) A quick chat with Rick 'Maximglory' Gordon.