Podcast Title

Comic Talk

CGS: Episode 848 (May 17, 2010)

Special guest, Darrell, joins us to talk about the Wild Pig Con, more reaction to Tony Harris' manifesto, a new Versus match up and so much more. (1:48:42)

Summit City Comic Con and Discount Comic Book Service.

(03:53) MEMO
We kick it off with a few announcements including a new Fan Art Challenge on the forum, a reminder about the Comic Book Art Auction to benefit the Bridgewater Police Benevolent Association run by comic fan Officer White, and more.

(11:32) CON TALK
Darrell Taylor, of several podcasts including Dafixer's Hideout, Comic Book Road Show and No Apologies Podcast, joins us to talk about the Wild Pig Convention & 50% Sale held this past weekend.

(44:05) COMIC TALK
Even more discussion on the recent Tony Harris Twitter manifesto including thoughts from Darrell and Bryan, feedback from the Scream Man and Mario Gonzalez and a manifesto to creators.

(1:14:34) STUMP THE RIOS
Sponsored by DrawerBox Storage Solution; submitted by Comixfreek.

(1:20:24) PROMO
Shawn Pryor talks up new comics from PKD Media including Agents of C.O.L.T. vol.1: Recipe for Destruction.

(1:24:17) CGS VERSUS
Adrian Veidt calls in kicking us off into another Versus chat!