Podcast Title

Off the Rack

CGS: Episode 838 (May 3, 2010)

The Monday episode returns with a look at Invincible Iron Man 25, the Guns of Shadow Valley webcomic, Top Cow's Artifacts 0 and other comic talk. (1:36:24)

Heroes Con.

(03:56) CGS NEWS
We've released some spin-off episodes in the previous weeks; download the all-new, free Alex Ross iPhone app; and check out the discount back issue site Fearless Readers Online.

(08:04) OFF THE RACK
All spoiler discussions on the following comics:

(08:17) Invincible Iron Man 25
(26:53) The Guns of Shadow Valley webcomic.

Sponsored by Comic Break, submitted by Newt "DubbaT138" Cox.

Submitted by Jamie Dunst.

(52:42) MOVIE TALK
Pants gives us his thoughts on the Kick-Ass movie.

(56:10) OFF THE RACK con't
Top Cow Publisher Filip Sablik joins us to talk about Free Comic Book Day and their release of Artifacts 0.