Podcast Title

Conversation with Joe Kubert

CGS: Episode 77 (November 21, 2005)

Nobody messes with Easy Company. And nobody messes with Joe Kubert. We have had the honor and privilege to interview comic legend Joe Kubert. Join us for a wonderful and heart-felt discussion with one of comics' greatest artists. (1:31:30)

(00:27) Sponsor
New York Comic-Con

(02:12) Interview
It is our pleasure to welcome the legendary Mr. Joe Kubert.

(02:45) On his early years reading comic strips and his recent Jew
Gangster graphic novel.
(05:30) On his recent DC project, the six issue mini-series Sgt.
Rock: the Prophecy, the war comics genre and current events
and learning the craft with legends such as Will Eisner.
(14:19) Mr. Kubert's thoughts on how he approaches his work.
(18:10) On his sons, Adam and Andy, and their move to DC.
(21:29) On the differences between drawing for color and drawing for
black and white.
(24:40) On the Joe Kubert School of Cartooning.
(31:20) More on Adam and Andy and their comic careers.
(37:04) On the creation of 3-D comics and a fun anecdote about the
(43:51) On Mr. Kubert's next project, working with Julius Schwartz and a
look at Fax from Sarejevo.
(51:22) The wrap-up.
(52:37) Our post-interview wrap-up.

(1:07:43) Stump the Rios
Submitted by Glen Jacobs.

(1:13:29) Call Me
We attempt to call Michael Schwartz; we reach tattoo artist John, "el-train" on the forums.

(1:24:13) Voice Mail
from Jackson Murdock on a slew of topics.