Podcast Title

The Heroes Con Tapes Volume 1

CGS: Episode 642 (June 22, 2009)

Heroes Con 2009 is over. In this episode we have conversations from the car, from the con, and with David Petersen, John Workman, Robert Atkins and more! (51:22)

(01:17) CON TALK

(02:35) Driving to the con, Bryan, Mr. Phil and Fred Chao talk MTVjs, the Bangles, Ke Huy Quan, My Buddy and more.

(21:46) Bryan, Murd and Pants talk about Friday, with a cameo appearance from Francesco Francavilla, including purchases, the Feast of the Pants II, and our usual shoutouts to listeners.

(35:55) Sunday morning chats with Dave Wachter (Guns of Shadow Valley), Zack Kruse (the Contingent), Robert Atkins (G.I.Joe), John Workman (Sonic the Hedgehog) and David Petersen (Mouse Guard).