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Top 5 Favorite Artists and Writers

CGS: Episode 3 (March 12, 2005)

Top Five Artists, Top Five Writers and guest Shane Kelly kicks off a new segment called World of Toys! (26:54)

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New mics, new sound equipment, new clips and the first appearance of Shane Kelly. We also give thanks to Q of Delta Dreams, composer of our intro music that we've been using.

(02:09) TOP 5
We list our all time Top Five favorite artists and favorite writers.

(20:39) SPEAK OUT
Bryan critiques Salvador Larroca's art on the X-Men: Day of the Atom tpb.

Now with music!

Hosted by Shane, all the scoop on the latest GIJoe, MASK, Palisades' Muppet and soon to be released Sesame Street lines, Marvel Legends Series 9 with Galactus and new Star Wars toys.

    Look up your favorite comics (Superman, Black Cat) or topic (Artist Interviews, Reviews)