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Downloading Comics

CGS: Episode 31 (June 17, 2005)

Downloading comics, yay or nay? What is your ideal comic collection storage and filing system? And news from Wizard World Philly! Read it? I ruined it! (1:07:36)

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(01:22) COMIC TALK
Kicked off by an email from listener Tim DeMarre, we talk about downloading comics - yay or nay? As well as a quick chat on Alan Moore leaving comics once again; Paul Andrew Juliano of Waltham, Mass. asks us how we store and file our personal comic collections.

Los Comic Geekos' responds to the question "Which characters or storylines would we most like to see on film?" leading us into more discussion.


Special thanks to Steven Hager and Bruce Rosenberger for sending us the Dutchy Digest and White Walrus ashcans; and to Tom Martinek for the cool ILM T-shirts.

(59:47) COMIC NEWS
Shane runs down some DC News from Wizard World Philly'05.

    Look up your favorite comics (Superman, Black Cat) or topic (Artist Interviews, Reviews)