Podcast Title

Crisis on Infinite Earths

CGS: Book of the Month Club (June 27, 2005)

The inaugural episode of the Book of the Month Club featuring Crisis on Infinite Earths by Wolfman, Perez, Ordway and company. With the approaching 20th Anniversary of the event, and the upcoming thematic sequel Infinite Crisis, the Speakers of Geek dissect what is arguably the finest event comic. (1:08:09)

(01:42) On why Crisis... was chosen for the first Book of the Month Club
selection, Marv Wolfman's inspiration and the origin of DC's
multiple Earths.
(12:46) A quick synopsis and Jamie's thoughts on the event.
(20:34) A more detailed look of the overall story, the many incarnations
of Supergirl and a brief look at Barry Allen/Flash in the story.
(38:44) An audio Geek of the Day from Paul French.
(46:42) Further explanation of Supergirl and her return to comics and
Shane's thoughts on Crisis....
(51:30) On the effects of the Crisis tie-in issues, later comics that
revisted the Crisis, Hypertime and the wrapup.