Podcast Title

Future of Comics Part 1

CGS: Episode 42 (August 4, 2005)

Part One of our look at the future of the comics industry! Also, two new segments: Stump the Geeks/TV Trivia and Comic Movie News! It's showtime folks! (1:12:00)

(06:00) CGS Mailbag
Bryan receives his first Postcard from Chris Shanks of the U.K.

(06:32) World of Toys
Palisades Rainbow Connection Kermit; Marvel Showdown single & double packs; Marvel Figure Factories; Star Wars 500th figure.

(10:13) Comics Talk
The future of the comics industry Part One! From format to content to distribution, we discuss our thoughts on where the comics industry may possibly be leading.

(44:25) Stump the Geeks
David Akers of the TV Trivia Podcast sends us questions based on Land of the Lost.

(48:54) Geek of the Day
From Rusty about his experience with Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith leading Bryan into a funny experience as a movie projectionist.

(54:01) Comic Movie News
Hosted by Tom Martinek, this first installment features news snippets on Nick Fury, New Line Cinema's Ex Machina, a live action Will Eisner Spirit, Transformers, Voltron Defender of the Universe, and Parasite.

(59:53) Stump the Rios
Submitted by Michael Stegmire of Omaha, Nebraska.

(1:04:55) Off the Rack
Jamie gives his thoughts on Bendis' New Avengers.