We check in briefly with one of the creators of Make Like a Tree comics. Jerzy Drozd and crew make online comics that appeal to all-ages. Also, Adam joins us for a good look at Marvel's Infinity Trilogy. And the great asterisk debate begins! (1:43:42)

Marvel Events

CGS: Episode 120 (March 27, 2006)

(00:40) Sponsor
Jerzy Drozd talks with us about the various all-ages online projects from Make Like a Tree Comics.

(25:40) Getting to Know Us
Bryan and Tasha return from their trip to El Salvador where they met Los Comic Geekos.

(36:12) CGS News
Check out our new Flickr Photo Galleries.

(37:53) Marvel Events
A look at X-Men: Inferno and the Infinity Trilogy.

(39:02) X-Men: Inferno ('88-89)
(43:09) Infinity Gauntlet ('91)
(52:48) Infinity War ('92)
(57:31) Infinity Crusade ('93)

(1:08:55) Stump the Rios
Submitted by Xyzzy.

(1:19:07) Comics Podcast Network
Listener Sean Whelan has started a DC Fan Podcast with co-host Jim Segulin called Raging Bullets; the Catch Da Craze Podcast has pictures and video from the New York Comic Con.

(1:20:56) Voice Mail
From Andrew of Bakersville; and Dylan Northrop of Atlanta, GA.

(1:24:39) Comics Talk
Kicked off by Dylan's voice mail, we debate the necessity of footnotes in event comics. To asterisk or not to asterisk!

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