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Conversation with Charlie Huston

CGS: Episode 97 (January 19, 2006)

No one has made a bigger deal out of the new Moon Knight series than we have. In order to get ready for its release, we spoke with writer Charlie Huston. Silver or white? Oh the horror! (1:35:12)

(00:28) Sponsor
How to Self-Publish Comics from Devil's Due.

(02:01) Interview
With novelist and upcoming Moon Knight writer, Charlie Huston.

(02:27) On Charlie's earliest comicbook reading including Uncle
Scrooge and Moon Knight and how being an actor and bartender
in NY informed his work.
(14:43) On dealing with Moon Knight continuity and previous writers'
takes on the character.
(27:48) The infamous Silver vs. White debate.
(1:00:11) On the role of violence in the new series, the chance of future
Moon Knight arcs and Charlie's thoughts on decompression.
(1:15:23) On Charlie's novels and the wrap-up.
(1:20:19) Our post-interview wrap-up.

(1:27:23) Stump the Rios
Submitted by Scott Cederlund.

(1:29:24) Quarters in the Jar
Bryan receives stamps and stamp collections from Jeffery Borcher, Andy Roshangar and Paul Lagotzino.

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