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CGS Best of 2005

CGS: Episode 91 (January 5, 2006)

2005 gave us a lot of great comics. But which ones were the best? Join us as we pick make our picks for the year's best. (1:34:16)

(02:04) Voice Mail
from Brad Milyo in Dallas; and two from Andrew in Bakersfield.

(07:34) Comics Talk
The Speakers of Geek give their choices for the Best of 2005 in Comics.

(08:16) Best New Hero or Team
(10:17) Best New Villain or Team
(11:45) Best New Comic
(12:53) Best Limited Series
(16:35) Best Cliffhanger or Moment
(21:50) Best Storyline
(24:40) Best Ongoing Comic
(26:26) Biggest Sleeper/Surprise Hit
(29:34) Best Writer
(31:19) Best Artist
(35:45) Best Other Creator
(40:23) Best Cover Artist
(43:00) Breakout Talent
(46:39) Best Publisher
(51:59) Biggest Disappointment
(57:20) Best Comic-Related work in another medium.
(1:04:17) Biggest News of 2005
(1:09:56) Most Anticipated for 2005
(1:11:34) Listener responses to the categories

(1:18:42) Call Me
We attempt to call Matt S. and Drew M. and reach NO ONE!

(1:23:12) Stump the Rios
Submitted by Mike Lewis.

(1:26:26) Off the Rack
Our reviews of Marvel Team-Up, New Avengers #14, All-Star Superman #1, Legion of Super-Heroes vol.1: Teenage Revolution tpb and the Stardust Kid #1-3.

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